About Neboard



      Neboard Decorative Surface Coating striking shapes, colors and textures combine with ease of application. Wood, leather and metal, modern lines, a wide range of products, presented in a different texture and trendy designs supplies liking.



      Is a leader in its field in the country as soon as possible Neboard, products are exported to more than 40 `i. Line with its own technology in the machine, saving time and effort by creating decorative products can be applied.

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Use Neboard

  1. Description Of Material
    With wood, leather, modern and trendy designs to appeal to all tastes with a wide range of products ready for use as Neboard Decorative Plates self glue and glue …
    With a utility knife, cut and pasted into the desired surface. (For further information, refer to the Application Information section.)
  2. User Area
     Shop, office, restaurant, bar, hairdressing salon, hospital, airport, all kinds of interior decoration projects, such as home, office, kitchen and bathroom furniture exhibition stand design flexible due to the column covering all kinds of stationery sector Door Ceiling Lift cabinets are used in executive jobs.
  3. Advantages
     Not necessary for the application of any machine or instrument. Saving time and labor. Lighter. A board about 3-5 kg in weight. Is not possible due to the flexible laminate or aluminum coating allows Larda radius.
  4. How to Use It?
    Products in rolls, using hand reaches room temperature for approximately 24 hours before the Open Store in a horizontal position. If necessary, be put on the weight. Do not store material in rolls of more than 2 days.

    Cutting, Punching, Drilling, Sawing: These processes take place in front of the product on the surface of the rear surface never used.

    Bonded surface: Surface smooth, dry and grease, adhesive, must be free of dust and dirt.

    Neboard with glue Usage: MDF, chipboard, glass, aluminum, non-absorbent surfaces such as hair should be used. Before use, the surface should be cleaned with alcohol or spirit.